Everything started in Lisbon

“At midnight, on arrival from the airport, we froze in awkward silence. We corresponded with our accommodation provider in Lisbon for weeks before our trip, agreed on photos and exact dimensions, and discussed all the details. At least that's what we thought, but between us and the entrance, there were 4 huge steps. It was desperate, we didn’t understand why he didn’t talk about it, and we didn’t know how we were going to find suitable accommodation in the middle of the night. The problem was not with the attitude of our landlord, he would have carried me up the stairs. 

At that moment, I realized that willingness to help is not enough, we need a common language about accessibility that we all understand and speak. I decided to do it”

Balázs Berecz  

Access4you founder, CEO

wheelchair user for 15 years

Everything started in Lisbon
What do we do?

The common language: Certified accessibility information

Access4you is a certification scheme for the accessibility of the built environment. Our certification helps not only people with special access needs but supports property owners and companies to gain insights into their building’s accessibility and also to reach their business goals. Based on our standardized assessment, we provide reliable and detailed data on the locations' accessibility to people with special mobility, visual, hearing, and cognitive needs for free. 
The common language:  Certified accessibility information
Why is it important?

1 in 4 adults need accessibility information to navigate their everyday lives

15% of the population live with some form of disability. Reliable and detailed accessibility information helps people with disabilities and their families to plan ahead how to get to an unfamiliar location and, by that, to live a more confident life.

But everyone benefits from accessibility: people with strollers, the elderly with limited mobility, and also persons with temporary disabilities due to an accident or surgery, even those carrying heavy luggage.

1 in 4 adults need accessibility information to navigate their everyday lives
How do we do that?

Our online database of accessible locations is available for everyone for free

With more than 700 location profiles from 23 countries, the Access4you database and mobile application are available for everyone for free. Based on 1,000 criteria determined by the perspectives of the 8 concerned groups, we provide filterable and detailed data, including sizes and photos of each location.
Our online database of accessible locations is available for everyone for free
How does it help people?

“Thanks to Access4you, I don't experience my disability as a barrier”

"If I want to travel to a hotel, I can look it up in the app, and it will tell me where it is located, how many accessible rooms it has, and thanks to the detailed surveys, it will also tell me how to navigate inside, what facilities it has, and whether it is suitable for my needs. Thanks to Access4you, I don't experience my disability as a barrier or as a challenge in everyday life, but it helps me to live my everyday life as naturally as everyone else."  

Vivien Nagy (27) Access4you mobile application user, wheelchair user for 11 years

“Thanks to Access4you, I don't experience my disability as a barrier”
How does it help businesses?

Good for business, benefit for society

Certified accessibility information helps companies in many ways:

  • It brings measurable S into the ESG strategies.
  • Being more available and inclusive means more costumers, and more tenants while it elevates brands with real social impact. 
  • It can also address labor shortages and improve employee retention.
Good for business, benefit for society
Who are we?

Our aim is to build a sustainable and inclusive future for all

We are an expanding team of committed professionals with one common goal: a more accessible world. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!
Our aim is to build a sustainable and inclusive future for all

The Access4you HQ team

Balázs Berecz profilképe
Balázs Berecz
Founder, CEO
Tamás Méri profilképe
Tamás Méri
Co-Founder, CBDO
Zsolt Kákosy MBA MRICS profilképe
Zsolt Kákosy MBA MRICS
Co-owner, Business Partner
Rita Kis profilképe
Rita Kis
Head of Operations
Róbert Kreschka profilképe
Róbert Kreschka
Head of Product
Judit Fidrich profilképe
Judit Fidrich
Office Manager
Erika Kádiné Fülöp profilképe
Erika Kádiné Fülöp
Property Expert
Denis Uracs profilképe
Denis Uracs
International Business Development Manager
Miguel Chaparro profilképe
Miguel Chaparro
New Business Manager
Andrea Szilágyi profilképe
Andrea Szilágyi
International Brand Manager
Dalma Ecseri profilképe
Dalma Ecseri
Sales and Marketing Assistant
Dóra Pusztai profilképe
Dóra Pusztai
B2B Copywriter & Content Specialist
Attila Hegedűs MRICS profilképe
Attila Hegedűs MRICS
Brand Ambassador
János Becsey, Becsó profilképe
János Becsey, Becsó
Brand Ambassador, Paralympic Swimmer
Bálint Győrvári profilképe
Bálint Győrvári
Zsolt Pákozdy profilképe
Zsolt Pákozdy
Country Manager - India

Accredited Partners

Norbert Szircsák profilképe
Norbert Szircsák
Colliers Hungary Partnership Manager
Mónika Cseh profilképe
Mónika Cseh
Colliers Hungary Accredited Partner
Kateryna Akastolova profilképe
Kateryna Akastolova
Colliers Czech Republic Accredited Partner 
Tamara Dogariu profilképe
Tamara Dogariu
Colliers Romania Accredited Partner
Oana Stamatin profilképe
Oana Stamatin
Colliers Romania Partnership Manager
Levin Daniel profilképe
Levin Daniel
Realiscon Hungary Accredited Partner
Áron Horváth profilképe
Áron Horváth
CBRE Hungary Partnership Manager
Bálint Horváth profilképe
Bálint Horváth
CBRE Hungary Accredited Partner
Zsombor Barta MRICS profilképe
Zsombor Barta MRICS
Greenbors Consulting Hungary Accredited Partner
Regina Kurucz profilképe
Regina Kurucz
Greenbors Consulting Hungary Accredited Partner
Barbara Donauer profilképe
Barbara Donauer
Denkstatt Hungary Accredited Partner
Éva Spitzer profilképe
Éva Spitzer
Salva Vita Hungary Accredited Partner
Katalin Kappel profilképe
Katalin Kappel
Salva Vita Hungary Accredited Partner
Szilvia Dubniczky profilképe
Szilvia Dubniczky
Bureau Veritas Hungary Accredited Partner
Raluca Vladoiu  profilképe
Raluca Vladoiu
Coface Accredited Partner
Lilla Bartuszek profilképe
Lilla Bartuszek
Fenntartható Közösségek Központja Hungary Accredited Partner
Tanu Gupta profilképe
Tanu Gupta
Human Factor India Accredited Partner
Sangita Thakur profilképe
Sangita Thakur
Human Factor India Accredited Partner
János Hidasi profilképe
János Hidasi
Accredited Partner
Ferenc Csuri profilképe
Ferenc Csuri
Accredited Partner
György Bovier profilképe
György Bovier
Accredited Partner

Corporate values

Values and principles that are with us every day and that we never leave behind.
Human dignity ikonja

Human dignity

Recognizing the other person and respecting their dignity is our core value.
Sustainability ikonja


When creating our business model, we chose sustainability: this is what creates long-term value for all stakeholder groups.
Innovation ikonja


To keep our service up-to-date in terms of content and technology, we have chosen continuous learning and renewal.
Freedom ikonja


Whether it is freedom of thought, freedom of opinion or physical freedom, we work to make these values a reality in everyday life.
Equal opportunities ikonja

Equal opportunities

We believe that diversity has a positive impact on the lives of both society and the individual, and can be a guarantee of business advantage in the life of a business.
Trust ikonja


We consider it important that people with special needs trust information, services and the power of social collaboration.


Address ikonja


1082 Budapest, Corvin Promenade 3/B, 904
Media Relations ikonja

Media Relations

Andrea Szilágyi