The Lisbon story

“We corresponded with our accommodation provider in Lisbon for weeks before our trip, agreed on photos and exact dimensions, and discussed all the details. At least that's what we thought. At midnight, on arrival from the airport, we froze in awkward silence. Between us and the entrance there were 4 huge steps. It was desperate, we didn’t understand why he didn’t talk about it, and we didn’t know how we were going to find suitable accommodation in the middle of the night. The problem was not with the attitude of our landlord, he would have carried me up the stairs, but with the fact that there is no common language about accessibility that we all understand and speak. Then I decided we were going to do it.” Berecz Balázs Access4you founder, managing director wheelchair user for 15 years
The Lisbon story
Vision and mission

Our vision is creating an inclusive, sustainable and collaborative social environment.

Our task is to promote accessibility by encouraging organisations to develop accessible environment and provide credible, detailed related information.
Our vision is creating an inclusive, sustainable and collaborative social environment.
Who we help

Who are the people with special needs?

People with special needs may have musculoskeletal, sensory or audiovisual barriers, cognitive impairment, as a result of which they have difficulty adapting to an unknown environment. Accessibility makes everyday life easier also for those, who use a pram, are elderly, or their mobility or perception changes as a result of an accident.
Who are the people with special needs?
Business model

Free information for the user, opportunity for the business

The business model of Access4you offers an economically sustainable solution to encourage accessibility by providing the accessibility information free of charge for the user, while the survey and trademark use fee is reimbursed by the owner or operator of the location.
Free information for the user, opportunity for the business

Corporate values

Values and principles that are with us every day and that we never leave behind.
Human dignity ikonja

Human dignity

Recognizing the other person and respecting their dignity is our core value.
Freedom ikonja


Whether it is freedom of thought, freedom of opinion or physical freedom, we work to make these values a reality in everyday life.
Equal opportunities ikonja

Equal opportunities

We believe that diversity has a positive impact on the lives of both society and the individual, and can be a guarantee of business advantage in the life of a business.
Sustainability ikonja


When creating our business model, we chose sustainability: this is what creates long-term value for all stakeholder groups.
Trust ikonja


We consider it important that people with special needs trust information, services and the power of social collaboration.
Innovation ikonja


To keep our service up-to-date in terms of content and technology, we have chosen continuous learning and renewal.


Berecz Balázs profilképe

Berecz Balázs

Founder & CEO
Méri Tamás profilképe

Méri Tamás

Co-founder & CBDO
Kákosy Zsolt MBA MRICS profilképe

Kákosy Zsolt MBA MRICS

Kepes Anna profilképe

Kepes Anna

Head of Operations
Kassai Ervin profilképe

Kassai Ervin

Business Development Manager
Kreschka Róbert profilképe

Kreschka Róbert

Technical Project Manager
Halmi Judit profilképe

Halmi Judit

Brand Manager
Fidrich Judit profilképe

Fidrich Judit

Office Manager
Kádiné Fülöp Erika profilképe

Kádiné Fülöp Erika



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Budapest - Science Park
Media relations ikonja

Media relations

Halmi Judit