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What is the location profile?

A location profile is a data sheet that provides detailed information about the built environment and the availability of services. Here you will find the answer to what type of special needs groups the environment is accessible for and what detailed technical conditions it has.

What is the detailed information?

Detailed information is documented technical and photographic data for a location that will help you decide if you can visit that location and use the services there. We believe that the needs of each of us are a little different, so in the detailed information we give the exact dimensions for the entrances, the angle of the ramps, the handrails, and in general all the elements that may be important to you. Here you can also find out what smart devices are available on site, and whether there are any signage or information systems to help with navigation and communication.

How do I know the information I find here is true?

Property surveys are always carried out by our auditor colleagues, who make accurate measurements during the tour of the property and make sure of the real possibilities of the availability of services. They document the walk-through with photographs and take a picture of every detail that affects accessibility. We will share these images with you in the location profiles. Following the survey, the owner or operator of the property must report any changes that occur in the built environment or affect the services. This obligation is set forth in the Access4you Trademark Policy.

What does complex accessibility mean, what information does Access4you provide?

By complex accessibility, we mean that a site is accessible to all groups of people with special needs, and the services available there can be used by everyone. Access4you also aims for complex accessibility, but believes that all of this can be done step by step and encourages the provision of authentic and accurate information about the level and detail of accessibility achieved. In the Access4you database, we thus collect for you the sites that meet the accessibility criteria according to the Access4you rating system and minimum conditions.

Why do I not find my favorite accessible place among Access4you’s accessible sites?

Surveys are conducted at locations where the owner or operator entrusts us with a detailed examination of accessibility. Therefore, if you know of a place where you regularly have a good experience, write to us at!