Assessment and certification

The information collected will be evaluated according to Access4you’s certification system and we examine which groups with special needs your site meets the minimum accessibility criteria for. The minimum criteria are included in the Access4you certification system and are used as a uniform accessibility standard for us.
As a general principle, Access4you considers locations to be inclusive and accessible that allow people with special needs to move freely and that make their services available for them.

The Access4you standard examines accessibility for 9 special needs groups and classifies sites into basic, bronze, silver and gold categories.

wheelchair users
elderly, people with reduced mobility
people using strollers
the deaf
the hard of hearing
the blind
the visually impaired
people with cognitive impairment
people with assistance dogs.

The location you represent will be considered a basic accessibile site if it meets at least the accessibility requirements for people with mobility needs (wheelchair users, the elderly, people with reduced mobility and people using strollers). If you can provide accessible conditions for other groups with special needs, you may also be eligible for bronze, silver or gold certification.
At Access4you, we consider it important to make your service and location available to as many groups as possible, so our colleagues not only prepare an audit report, but also make development suggestions.
Recieving the Certificate, the site you represent is legally using the Access4you European Certification Mark for 3 years. The Certificate proves that you are indeed meeting the minimum requirements for the groups covered in the document. The royalty for the use of the certification mark is payable annually, and the validity of the survey and certification is 3 years. However, it is important that you tell us about any technical changes that affect the physical and service environment, as this may affect accessibility of your location.