What is Access4you Certification?

Access4you certifies the built environment to provide detailed, reliable information on the accessibility of buildings. On this page, we explain what it means for you when a building is Access4you certified.Learn more about the certification process!
What is Access4you Certification?
Building or Design audit

Experts assess the buildings

If a building owner or operator orders our service, an accredited auditor will visit the site to carry out a survey.

If the building is still at the design stage, we will carry out an assessment of the design documentation.

Experts assess the buildings
Specific needs examined

Survey for 9 groups

A blind person faces different obstacles than a wheelchair user. This is why we are looking at the specific needs of 9 groups of people:

People in wheelchairs, with pushchairs, the Elderly, visually impaired, the Blind, hard of hearing, the Deaf,  people with cognitive impairment and people with assistance dogs.

Survey for 9 groups
Certification and qualification

Qualification of the buildings

We have created a rating system that qualifies buildings into 4 categories: Certified location, Bronze, Silver or Gold category.

The more accessible the building is to people with different needs, the higher the rating.

The building owner will receive a certificate of the achieved qualification, certifying that the assessment has been carried out by an independent professional.

Qualification of the buildings
Minimum requirements

The data behind the qualification

For each of the 9 assessed groups, we have compiled a list of building features that are essential for accessibility. We call these minimum requirements.

The list of minimum requirements varies from building type to building type. An office building has to fulfil one set of functions and a small cafeteria another.

The data behind the qualification
Certified locations and mobile app

Access, for you.

Every location that we certify is uploaded to our location database and the Access4you mobile app.

You can check the survey details here. Is there barrier-free parking? How many inches wide is the front door? How big is the restroom? Will my assistance dog be allowed in?

Every information at the click of a button!

Access, for you.

Access4you guarantee

What does it mean when a building is Access4you certified?
Responsibility ikonja


The building owner acts to create an inclusive environment. They not only talk about the importance of accessibility, but also invest time and money to improve it. As a responsible data provider, they give detailed information about their buildings accessibility.
Credibility  ikonja


The information published about the buildings accessibility has been collected by an independent expert. It was qualified on the basis of a methodology prepared by rehabilitation engineers, disabled people, NGOs and architects.
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All certified sites are available on the access4you.io website and in the Access4you mobile app. For each building, hundreds of photos and data help you to decide if the site is really accessible for you.