Accessibility assessment

Access4you’s certification and audit service can be requested by any legal or natural person who provides a service in a restricted area that is public or used by many. These can be a restaurant, a cafe, a bar, a pharmacy or drugstore, a shopping mall or office building, and any cultural institution.
If you would like to require a survey and assessment of the business or location you represent, please contact us. Before entering into a contract, we will ask you for some information to find out if there is a an insurmountable obstacle to obtaining Access4you certification. We do this to make sure that you do not incur unnecessary expenses. After concluding a contract, our colleague conducts an on-site survey according to a 550-point criteria system. The criteria system has been developed with the assistance of rehabilitation engineers, so it takes into account the technical data, dimensions, services provided on site and the technologies available on site. Our colleague also takes photos to provide even more detailed information.